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Cutting Lincolnshire’s Carbon – CLiC

 Lincolnshire County Council and five local businesses worked together with the Lincolnshire Echo to produce six supplements for the paper communicating with local people and businesses on sustainability issues.  They provided advice and information covering a variety of themes and encouraged everyone to get involved through the CLiC Challenges.

 The supplements are all available to download, and much of the information remains relevant even after publication.  The topics we covered included;
Waste and recycling – ideas to reduce the amount of waste you generate and advice on what to do with the rest that can’t be eliminated

Travel and transport – what to see and do in Lincolnshire without travelling by car and how to access information on public transport

Food and agriculture – what foods are in season when, find out about the local food producers in Lincolnshire and join the grow your own revolution

Energy and buildings – tips on making your homes and offices as energy efficient as possible and examples of what is already happening in Lincolnshire

Business and community – how families and businesses can get involved with the local community and  what is taking place in Lincolnshire schools

 The CLiC Partners are;

Freewatt want to prove that domestic solar electricity generation can make you money and that you will quickly see a return on your investment.

 JH Walter is helping local businesses to understand and manage their carbon footprints to make financial savings and improve their bottom line.

 Lexus Toyota are improving the energy efficiency across their dealer network and Listers Toyota Lincoln want to tell you what they have been doing.

 Lincolnshire Cooperative have been implementing sustainable features across many of their stores and promote the use of local seasonal produce, they continue to support their local communities across the county.

 Stagecoach has launched a fleet of gas powered buses in Lincoln and they are doing lots of work to make bus travel greener and more accessible for passengers.

 The Energy Saving Trust are promoting the need to insulate your homes and offices, this is the easiest and cheapest way to see immediate energy savings.

 EPIC Lincolnshire are hosting the CLiC web pages so that we can tap into the growing network of people and businesses who care about the environment and want to see Lincolnshire move towards a low carbon economy.


CLIC pages, by issue – front cover and double-page spread (8 downloads each for 6 issues)