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Collective Energy Switching

Lincolnshire Energy SwitchHelping you save money on your energy bills

Lincolnshire councils are working together to deliver a collective energy switching scheme for all Lincolnshire residents.

The idea is that when a large group of people want to switch gas or electricity energy supplier or both at the same time, collectively they can negotiate a better energy tariff.

We hope that the collective switching scheme will help people to lower their fuel bills and encourage people to switch supplier, even if they have never done so before.

Register with no obligation here www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/switch and you will be sent your personal offer by email.

You will need your most recent energy bills or annual statement for registration, but there is no obligation to switch afterwards.

Please see www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/switch for more information

If you do not have gas and use heating oil, have you thought about community bulk buying schemes?  Community Lincs runs a scheme for it’s members and you can find out more and sign up here http://communitylincs.com/community-oil-buying-scheme/