Epic Lincolnshire

Waste and Recycling

At the moment over half of household waste in Lincolnshire is recycled or composted which is a great achievement. There are a number of waste services available to residents in Lincolnshire that helped get to this figure.

Kerbside collections– At home, depending on where in Lincolnshire you live, you will have a recycling collection and may have a garden waste collection. Your district councils is responsible for this, and other waste collection services such including bulky waste. If you have queries about your collection day or missed bins please contact them for more information.

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) – You can also recycle a large range of materials at one of Lincolnshire County Council’s HWRCs.  The HWRCs often have recycling facilities for items that you can not put in your recycling collection at home (eg batteries, small electrical items or energy efficient light bulbs).

Even though we are recycling over half of the household waste in Lincolnshire, it still means that just under half is getting disposed of in landfill sites. For a number of reasons it is important that we reduce the amount of waste that we send to landfill. There are a number of ways that we can do this, including:

Reduce:  Reducing the amount of waste produced in the first place. A large amount of the waste that we throw away is food waste. By doing some simple things you can reduce the amount of food that you throw away, and save yourself up to £50 a month. The national Love Food Hate Waste website has lots of great tips and recipes for leftovers that will help you waste less.

Packaging is another element that you are probably throwing away lots of. If you see a product that is excessively packaged you can report it to Lincolnshire Trading Standards on 01522 782341, who will investigate your compliant, and may result in a reduction of packaging.

If you have a young family, you might find that you are throwing away a large amount of disposable nappies. Have you thought about trying washable nappies, they’re nothing like they used to be!  Lincolnshire County Council promote the use of real nappies by operating a cash back incentive scheme. In addition to reducing the amount of waste you throw away, you will also save yourself about £500 from birth to potty.

By getting a home compost bin you can reduce the amount of uncooked vegetable and fruit waste, and other things such as shredded paper and cardboard egg boxes that you throw away. In addition to this, you will also benefit from getting a lovely compost to use in the garden.

Reuse: A number of items can be reused instead of thrown away, if you can’t use the item anymore, perhaps someone else can – you could try donating items to a charity shop, furniture reuse organisation or seeing if you can sell the item.