Epic Lincolnshire

EPIC Lincolnshire

E – Environment

P – People

I – Innovation

C – Choices


EPIC Lincolnshire began as a capital project that established the EPIC Centre on the Lincolnshire Showground. From this the EPIC Lincolnshire website was created in 2008. Its subsequent development was supported by Lincolnshire County Council.

EPIC-Lincolnshire has the following Objects:

• Raising awareness of the issues and potential responses within Lincolnshire to climate change

• Provide a forum for collective action planning to deliver Lincolnshire’s low carbon aspirations

• Providing a link with regional, national and international structures

• Representation at forums and conferences providing a Lincolnshire voice for sustainability and climate change issues

• Facilitating the establishment of carbon reducing projects and enterprises

www.epic-lincolnshire.org is an interactive, web based information centre for climate change that includes

• Information on low carbon technology, goods and services

• E newsletters

• Coordinated local, national and international news feeds

• Events calendars and promotions of relevant local and national activities

• E forums for debate and information exchange

• The development of networks for action that have already resulted in a range of events and conferences or seminars

The Beneficiaries addressed by EPIC-Lincolnshire include:

• Individuals – especially those seeking information and access to networks on climate change and opportunities for response,

• Communities – building capacities to organise initiatives or receive support for ongoing activities, facilitate the targeting of resources as appropriate to Lincolnshire’s climate change agenda

• Business – facilitation of b2b and b2customers by stimulating development of networks and knowledge transfer through the promotion of events and exemplar projects and case studies.