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Unlocking Local Leadership on Climate Change

Re-emphasing the challenge for Rio+20 Martin Vickers, Conservative MP for Cleethorpes, has joined two other parliamentary colleagues to give their views on how government can link two crucial aims: tackling climate change and empowering local areas. The localism agenda is central to the Coalition’s programme for government. It has the potential to result in innovative [...]

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Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development

The road from Rio needs to find new directions! In 1992 the first Earth Summit was held in Rio. It resulted in the UN Conventions on climate change actions and the prevention of biodiversity loss. It embedded words such as ‘eco’, ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ into every day commercial and diplomatic speak. However words and results [...]

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Zinc – air batteries: The answer to an EV’s prayer?

Electric vehicles are gaining an increasing profile.  Using electricity as fuel can reduce cost per mile by up to 80%. In London where they can also avoid congestion charges as well as road tax and only need to travel relatively short distances they are beginning to catch on. Small electric vans are beginning to move silently around the capitals [...]

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Electric Vehicle recharging on show at SUSTAIN 2012

  One of the major attractions at this year’s SUSTAIN conference was the range of electric vehicles and the latest charging systems on show to delegates. The Picture here shows one of Siemens fleet of Nissan Leaf vehicles which are on test in Lincoln. The power to charge the leaf came from the recently installed photovoltaic panels on [...]

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