Sustain Lincolnshire

Case Studies


To celebrate some of the successes experienced by Lincolnshire businesses receiveing support through SUSTAIN Lincolnshire, we have produced 6 video case studies.  Click on the links below to hear from the businesses themselves how SUSTAIN Lincolnshire has helped them to increase their competitiveness through resource efficiency savings.

A Little Luxury

Skidbrook Cyder


Penrose Products

Boardsides Recycling

Brook & Mayo


As part of Improve Your Resource Efficiency we have created case studies for different sectors. These give real life examples of how companies in Lincolnshire have chosen to invest in renewable energy or resource efficiency savings to improve their carbon footprint, but most importantly save money.

Below are some of the case studies collected (there will be more available soon).

Case Study for Construction

Case Study for Warehouses and Large Buildings

Case Study for Food and Drink Industry

Case Study for Food and Drink Industry 2

Case Study for Food and Drink Industry 3

Case Study for Manufacturing

Case Study for Offices

Case Study for Leisure and Tourism